Duncan Kensley

Duncan Kensley

Head of the Trading division

Duncan Kensley​ ​has​​ ​40 years combine​d experience ​in the industry​​ ​with Trading, Shipping, Warehousing, Distribution etc

Duncan​ ​has been​​ ​H​ead of the Trading division in Meihuizen International​ ​for the past 21 years and oversees various aspects of the department.

Duncan has a team of 3 staff members that assist in the efficiency of the Trading Division:

Carol Martin​ ​is a​​ ​Trader​ ​and oversees the business f​or​ ​St, Helena, Tristan and Ascension.

Jody America,​ and Aiwe Ningi​, ​are the​ assistants who back up Carol and Duncan​ in all the forms of trade​.

​Most staff members ​in Meihuizen ​ha​ve​ served for a long time​,​ showing that the company​ cares for its staff and​ has loyal personal.​

Duncan’s Trading Division speaks​ English, Xhosa and Afrikaans​.

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