Ships Agency

A 24 hour, all weather service representing ship owners, or charterers in port. A dedicated and experienced team provides a full range of ships agency services including off port limits services:

  • Angola South LineAdvise Port Control of vessel’s estimated arrival and update
  • Liaise with Berthing Manager to allocate suitable berth
  • Clear vessel into port with Customs and Immigration
  • Attend pre-planning meetings with relevant parties i.e.   Transnet Port authority, stevedores, the relevant research and other institutions, and make available appropriate cargo handling equipment.
  • Arrange hotel accommodation, and required transfers
  • Arrange all ships husbandry requirements ie garbage disposal, security, IT connections, bunker services if required, fresh water…
  • Monitor and co-ordinate cargo operations, discharge and loading, with all parties concerned.
  • Arrange through Port Control any shifting of berth required, and co- ordinate with pilots and tugs
  • Arrange papers for vessel clearance with Customs and Immigration to enable vessel to enter or sail from port
  • Liaise with Port Control regarding tugs and pilots, to ensure that sailing times are met in order to avoid delays and possible penalties.
  • As vessel’s agents we are responsible to Transnet Port Authority for the cost of all Port Services provided to the vessel.
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