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Meihuizen International, your one-stop bespoke solution for shipping helicopters around the world. We are the leading specialists in the transportation, and logistical services, for the helicopter industry.

With over 50 years of combined experience moving helicopters, and break bulk cargo, by road, ocean and air freight, we are the experts in our field.

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Transporting a Helicopter by road
Shipping a helicopter by sea
Transporting a helicopter by Sea

By partnering with companies around the world, we have developed a number of tailored services, allowing us to accommodate a range of client’s needs, any client. We are the leaders in our field. – Peter Meihuizen (Director and Founder)

Worldwide Mobilization / Demobilization of Helicopters

Operating worldwide, our global service covers all aspects of the logistical process.

We get helicopters to where they need to be:

  • Air freight

  • Ocean freight

  • Road freight

  • Air-ride truck (to and from port and airports)

  • Road freight

  • Expedited spare parts and components – AOG service

Offloading a helicopter from the trailor

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We understand the unique special requirements needed for each type of helicopter. Logistics in this industry is a speciality, we meticulously plan and implement the best solution for our customers. – Gerlad Hagemann (Director and Head of Helicopter / Aviation Logistics)

One-Stop Bespoke Solution

Meihuizen International attends to all aspects, from Export requirements, Customs and Port formalities / Customs inspections. From sea freight, airfreight and road freight, to point of view respectively. Our one-stop bespoke solution is hands on, we manage the entire process, from collection, to delivery.

Our basic door to door service includes:

  • Careful planning and damage prevention

  • Personal supervision of loading and offloading

  • Import and customs clearing of helicopters coming in via sea freight and airfreight (global scale)

  • Arranging of import permits with ITAC

  • Completing of all customs formalities, inclusive of customs inspections (should it be required)

  • Overseeing delivery – If the helicopter is shipped on a skid, special transport and equipment is arranged (cranes). We are on site to oversee the offloading of the helicopter from the vessel, or out of the aircraft at the port of discharge, and again at place of delivery

  • Loading, lashing and cranage, utilizing professional rigging and staff to ensure helicopters are transported on air-suspension trucks, to the respective ports of export

  • Comprehensive surveyor’s reports (with photos) from point of loading until shipped on board of respective vessels

  • We facilitate the technical support for assembling and disabling of helicopters

  • Specialist stevedoring services for the lashing and securing of helicopters in containers and flat racks.

  • Global shipment

Helicopter by road freight

We provide a number of tailored services:

  • Fully equipped storage facilities (should the need arise), due to any vessel delays

  • Dependant on transit route, we arrange for clearance from the department of transport, customs and the harbour master to allow for the helicopters to fly on and off the vessel

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Top Service at the Best Price

Shipping a helicopter by SeaHaving partnered with companies around the world, Meihuizen International has developed a fee structure that is the best in the business. Each quote is individually tailored, no online quotes treating you like a number. There is only one type of service in this industry, and that is a hands on service.
Our quotes are quick, efficient and will provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Our quotes are based specifically on the individual requirements of the operation.

Email us your requirements for a quick quote.

Transport mode / Export shipments:

  1. RO – RO vessels (mafi trailers / tow bars)
  2. Break-bulk vessels
  3. Container vessels (Flat racks)

Active Aviation Logistical Areas:

Meihuizen International is actively carrying out Aviation Logistics to and from a large number of countries, though we do cover the globe these are currently our most active areas of import and export.

  • South Africa

  • USA

  • Nigeria

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Russia

  • Antarctica

Having been in operation since 1983, Meihuizen Freight (Pty) Ltd has become the obvious solution: Contact us


Most of the helicopters (commercial / civilian) come from the USA
The helicopters (civilian / cargo) for project work, such as; Antarctica, is routed ex. Russia to Antarctica, via Cape Town

Transporting helicopters by road freight
Crane lifting helicopter
Helicopter on flat bed truck
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