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Meihuizen International provides shipping services worldwide – This page relates specifically to our ASL services provided to and from Angola.

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Angola South Line (ASL)
is a well-established and longstanding multi-purpose Shipping Line, serving ports in Southern and West Africa. With the Angolan Principal based in Luanda, and Meihuizen International as SA General Agent based in Cape Town, together provide the assurance and reliability of a dedicated shipping service

We also service ports outside of Southern and West Africa (Not provided by ASL) email us for more information.

ASL commenced operations in 1992 as a commercial shipping service, facilitating trade between Angola and Southern Africa, later to include its services to the oil and gas industry, becoming a preferred carrier to some of the oil majors and their service providers.

Angola South Line
Angola Shipping
Shipping to Angola

Having acted as ASL’s central head office for Southern Africa since its inception, we have acquired extensive experience and knowledge in coordinating cargo movements to and from Angola. – Maria Anderson (ASL Ships Agency Manager)

ASL is capable of offering you a port to port service or a door to door service

  • A port to port service – means your cargo is shipped from port of origin to port of destination, which covers the sea freight carriage only.

  • A door to door service – means we can arrange to have your goods collected from your supplier in country of origin and ship it to the receiver address in the country of destination.  This service would include cost of inland transport, customs clearing etc.  You often find however that the supplier and the Importer prefer to use their own Customs Clearing agents – in such instances we would liaise with the nominated agents.

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Gateway to Angola:

Angola South Line is mainly focused on the Angolan market and offers a service carrying cargo to Angola and back on a regular basis.

Angola South Line (ASL) has two multipurpose type ships in its service, each ship is capable of carrying approximately 3700 metric tons of cargo.

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Local expertise is provided, supplying us with close links to the local industry, and main port terminal operators in most Angolan ports.

  • ASL also serves the oil and gas industry and offers project cargo logistics as well as the cargo requirements of the local commercial market.

  • ASL offers an exclusive and independent Angolan – South African connection.

  • The service is flexible to the specific requirements of industry needs.


ASL provides clients with an extensive list of value added services which include but are not limited to:

  • We carry your cargo within Southern Africa

  • We ship and deliver to anywhere in Angola and from Angola.

  • Project cargo, food, perishables, and consumer goods  offshore logistics

  • Cargo repairs, re-marking of labels etc. in accordance with clients instructions

  • Cargo measurement surveys

  • Cargo damage surveys, reports, photographs

  • Supervision of lashing, unlashing of cargoes including abnormal loads on special equipment, on board vessels, on low bed trailers

  • Supervision of Out of Gauge, abnormal loads on bolsters, flat racks

  • Transport of cargoes from warehouse, stacking areas to alongside vessel and vice versa

  • Liaison with clients on safe packing of their cargoes suitable for safe sea transportation

  • Other landside services as may be required

  • Inland transport – Southern Africa and Angola

  • We can arrange pre-shipment inspection of cargo, a cargo survey with a detailed report including photographs – this service is ideal for when it is necessary to record condition of cargoes before it is shipped which assists to address any issues that may arise.

  • Operational supervision of project cargoes at terminals, including receipt, break-bulk cargoes at the port terminals, which includes verification of quantity, volume and weight, inspection of packaging, safe stowage on board vessel/s, recording and reporting on damages, liaison between shipper, ships agent, supercargo, master, stevedores etc. at both load and disports

  • Port quayside cargo supervision and attendance.

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Angola South Line

Shipping services Angola

Trade region covered:

ASL covers Angolan ports and Southern Africa ports but expansion of the service has taken it further north of Angola i.e.

  • Matadi in the DRC

  • Pointe Noire in Rep of Congo

  • Malabo in Equatorial Guinea

and other West African ports.

Ports / Terminals:

Through the long term working relationships that Angola South Line has established with the terminal operators where the vessels call at, we at Meihuizen International are able to provide our customers / clients with personalised service and assistance, when loading & discharging their cargoes.

Angola South Line main port of call in South Africa is Cape Town, but will call other Ports that have sufficient cargoes (on inducement) such as Durban, Richards Bay, Port Elizabeth, etc.

On route to Angola we call at Walvis Bay whenever there is sufficient cargoes (on inducement) at this Port.

Once in Angolan waters Angola South Line calls the following Ports:

  • Namib (on Inducement)

  • Lobito

  • Soyo (Kwanda Base)

  • Cabinda (Commercial terminal)

  • Malongo (Oil terminal in Cabinda)

  • Luanda – Sonils terminal (Oil terminal)

  • Luanda – Unicargas (Commercial Terminal)

For a more detailed list of our Angolan ports, Click here

Angola Shipping
Angola Shipping
Angola Container Shipping

Transhipments / Global Cargo Logistics

Through our connections with various shipping partners, ASL services customers not only from Southern Africa and Angola but also to & from the Far East, Europe & USA.

We are in a position to place equipment on the ground for our customers to be able to load at locations across the world and arrange shipments from the place of packing to final Port of discharge.

We have professionals taking care of all your documentary needs in transhipment ports for on-carriage to final destinations.

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Angola South Line ships are specifically chosen for your trade route, they have the following capabilities:

  • Self geared / hydraulic cranes with combinable lifting capacity between 80 metric tons to 120 metric tons.  This is ideal for heavy machinery, units, equipment that need to be uplifted from ports, and to discharge at ports where port facilities are limited.

  • The mv GRETA, one of our vessels, has a tween deck, adjustable to various positions, which allows for containerized cargo and break-bulk cargo to be stowed together on the vessel, ideal for project cargoes where there is a mixture of cargoes that need to be shipped at the same time.

  • The overall length of our ships do not exceed 100 meters and have a low draft allowing the ships to call directly at smaller ports/terminals with strict limitations – for example the ports of Malongo and Cabinda in Angola.  By being able to call directly at these ports saves the Shipper and the Receiver on transhipment and on-carriage costs to feeder vessels.

Cargo Carried:

We supply different types of containers to accommodate your specific type of cargoes:

  • General Purpose containers (6m and 12m length) in which you pack ordinary dry cargoes, clothing, furniture, canned goods, machinery, etc.

  • Refrigerated Containers for frozen goods, chilled goods, meat, vegetables, fruit etc.

  • Flat-rack containers for goods that might exceed the dimensions of an ordinary container height or width.  This type of container can accommodate large machinery, boats, motor vehicles etc.

  • Tank-containers for liquids such as chemicals, fuel, wine etc,

Break-bulk cargo – meaning all cargoes that are loose / standalone – for example:

  • Bagged cargo ; Bulk bags of salt, bulk bags of cement, other etc.,

  • Crated cargo, machinery, loose and bundled pipes, motor vehicles etc.,

ASL also accepts hazardous cargoes – for example;

  • Explosives, chemicals, paint, other etc.,

Meihuizen International provides clients with hands on personalized service. We provide a cost effective and innovative approach, tailor made solutions, quality service and attendance by an experienced team. – Peter Meihuizen (Founder and Managing Director)

Additional Services:

Specialized Equipment
Supply of specialized equipment; subject to stock availability Inland Transport.

Our freight departments can advise and assist you with your documentary requirements for both export and import requirements.

Carrier Haulage
We can offer you inland Carrier Haulage which means we can arrange Inland transport of your goods from your premises anywhere in Southern Africa for shipment to Angola.

Please contact us for any specific requirements, as we would be pleased to assist with any aspect of your freight movements to Angola

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