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Angola Ports

Luanda Port description:

BerthCargoLength (m)Draft (m)
MULTI TERMINALSGeneral Cargo (5 berths)900
1 TCG78,437
2 TCG3109
3 TCG1619
4 TCG175.308
5 TCG175.308
UNICARGASMultipurpose & Roro (3 berths)533
1 TP1689.5
2 TP2159.5
3 TP1509.5
SOGESTERContainer terminal (3 berths)543.16
1 TC176.5810.5
2 TC176.5810.5
3 TC19012.5
SONILSOil & gas support base (6 berths)1 465.34
1 SON1 117.0912.5
2 SON348.2512.5
SOPORTOSContainer & Multipurpose (3 berths)
SP 1Panamax vessels203.3312.5
SP 2Multipurpose203.3312.5
SP 3General cargo & Feeder vessels203.3312.5

Draft High tide and low tide Sonils :
12 m High tide
10.5 m Low tide

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Luanda port facilities

>> Storage capacities

General cargo storage yard (CGT)
– General cargo, vehicles, heavy machinery : 900 meters of quay, draft between 5.50 to 10.00 meters
80.000 sqm
Multipurpose Terminal (MT)
– Area to handle containers & general cargo : 536 meters of quay, draft between 8.00 to 10 meters
178.641 sqm
Container storage area (CT)
– Three fully operational deep sea berths : Total quay length of 550 meters, draft of 11 meters
142.000 sqm
SONILS Terminal (OSC)
– 878 meters quayside, 12.5 meters draft
938.729 sqm

>> Port facilities

BunkeringYes (by barge)
WaterYes (by barge & tank truck)
SlopsYes (by tank truck)
Ship chandlerYes
– 2 small slipways for fishing
– boats and small coasters
– 1 floating drydock up to 6 000 DWT

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Lobito Port information

BerthCargoLength (m)Draft (m)
Lobito North DockAll Cargo4809.5
Lobito South DockAll Cargo55211
Lobito Fishing DockFishing Vessels924.0
SonametOil base1209.0

Discharge of solid and liquid waste is compulsory in Lobito.

Map reference number and descriptionLength (m)Draft (m)
North dock (all cargo)4809.5
South dock (all cargo)55211
Terminal container41412 to 14
Coasting dock (fishing vessels)924
Sonamet (oil base)1209

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Soyo port information

BerthCargoLength (m)Draft (m)
Main QuayFreighters1507.3
Texaco (W) Quay91.57.3
Eni Quay1207.3
ALNG Quay NorthFor Roro Vessels507.3
Commercial Quay1407.3
SLOT 144.56.0 exclusive for Schlumberger
SLOT 256.47.0 exclusive for Esso
SLOT 355.36.0 exclusive for Halliburton
Texaco (E) Quay737.3

Dallas, Girassol, Pazflor, Kizomba (A,B,C), PSVM, Palanca, Gimboa, Essungo, Kissange, CLOV and Blocks 1-3-4-46-17-32-46-47-49-49 crude terminals are operated from Soyo.

Soyo port facilities

>> Stevedoring equipment

Cranes550 T – 50 T

>> Other facilities

Yes / No
Ship chandlerNo


Porto NamibeGeneral cargo / Bagged cargo450 m10.5
Porto SacoBunkers / Loading Iron Ore only320 m16

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Cabinda port information

BerthsCargoLength (m)Draft (m)
Cabinda Port dockGal cargo / bgd cargo / Containers1105.7
Cabinda AnchorageGal cargo / bgd cargo / Containersnilnil
Malongo dockChevron Cargo / Gal / Containers destinated to ChevronDock F shaped
Maximum vessel size974.5

Futila, FPSO Kuito, Malongo, SMB2, SMB3, SBM4, Nemba, Sanha FPSO are operated from Malongo Acess Channel to Cabinda Port 8.00 m.

Cabinda port facilities

>> Stevedoring equipment

5 Reach Stackers which handle containers at Terminal.
2 Tugs of 2 000 HP towing pontoon.
2 Terminals for full containers.
1 Terminal for empty containers
2 Warehouses.

Rainy season : middle of October to the end of April.
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